Rotatris is a highly addictive block puzzle game with a twist.
It's basically tetris in a circle!

  • ★ SIMPLICITY Rotatris is a very simple game to understand and play, even for casual gamers.
  • ★ ADDICTIVE We are gamers ourselves and we love playing retro arcade games.
  • ★ ROTATE Position the puzzle block just so to complete building a circle and clear the playing field.
  • ★ PLAY STAGES Want to take is EASY? Are you a MEDIUM player or will you go for the HARD challenge? Play Rotatris in 3 difficulties
  • ★ ADVANCE Keep playing and discover numerous levels that await you in our challenging and addictive brick puzzles.
  • ★ EARN Earn coins by performing special moves or combo's like the t-spin or clearing 4x4 rows.
  • ★ ENDLESS PUZZLE The block puzzle game is endless, how long will you last?
  • ★ POWERUPS EXPLODE mistakes with bombs, remove unwanted blocks with undo, clear the field with a cleanup or fill up holes with fill.
  • ★ DISCOVER Unlock all of Achievements, starting from the easiest to the almost impossible.

Available now on google play!